Another special Nismo item

Compared to the R32 and R34. The rear wing of the R33 is much more integral to the overall design of the car.

Evident in both the road and race cars.

Something over the last year or two which I started to see. I noticed that as the wing of a 33 is such an important part of the cars design on a light coloured such as mine the carbon wing blade was breaking up this aesthetic so I have been wanting for a body colour blade.

Enter the magic and danger that is Yahoo Auctions… As you can see by the vintage Nismo logo on this box, I found something special.

Now this, (98100-RN595) is the part number as you guys might be aware is for the Nismo twin element wing first used on the Nismo 400R.

Eagle eyed readers will also notice this piece is from the original Omori Factory when it was based in Tokyo.

However check this out. This part has another unofficial part number, 98100-RN596. As our more nerdier crowd will know RN595 is usually associated with Nismo parts for the BCNR33 (and BNR34) However RN-596 is a number that will not show up on a Google search.

The number suggests it was made after the carbon fiber one was. One thing that is clear is very few were made as why would you not buy the 400R CF one I guess?

So yes this is both QM1 white and not CF. 98100-RN596 was the unofficial designation for an FRP version of the 400R wing.

I was sold! I really like the discrete nature of a body coloured Nismo wing and not to mention it suits a white car better.

So time to give her, her new wings!

You will need: A allen key set, 5mm torx wrench, philips head screw driver and a steady hand.

I found one of the threading on the existing cf blade was almost stripped and needed some leveraging to remove the final screw. I still wonder if this wing blade which came with om the car if it is the factory option which was offered back then or if it is just an aftermarket alternative. I may never know..

After some amount of time aligning 2 wing blades a screw and rubber washers it was finally in!

There! Much better and a cleaner look.

As evolutionary biologist would say “beautiful vs hot”. One more timeless than the other. She definitely needed that.

One thing I noticed this new blade element does whistle above 100kph though.. But other than that money well spent I think.

I will take a full body photo to show you guys what I mean about the significant role an R33s wing plays in the cars overall styling.

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