Mid-2020 tidbits

As the work from home (WFH) situation extends past the mid point of the year. Not to mention the cancellation of R’s Meeting and Nismo Festival 2020 has left a bit of void mid-year.

I’ve spent this time beginning the slow refreshing of a few parts after doing the timing belt and water pump.

A mate back in Perth helped me source these weather strips for the R33 doors which are no longer in stop in their home country. Bringing them back home as it were.

As the center trunk/boot plate (part no. 84992-27U00) is cracked on my car (due to my gas struts having lost their gas) I bought a replacement ready for when I get replacements for the struts.

My car was also much overdue for it’s top up of anti-rust protection coating http://www.kns.yokohama/sabigaudo/mein.html. A service I first came upon around 3yrs ago provided exclusively by Kn’s Factory http://www.kns.yokohama/ , a Nismo Performance Center in Kanagawa Prefecture. Their original home Nissan Dealership which they are based out of is currently being knocked down for a complete rebuild from scratch which will take another 2yrs at least. Therefore they are currently based out of a different Nissan Dealership still in Kanagawa but in Astugi.

To avoid crowds and what not I kept to places like Hakone and Tatsumi PA.

There was one particular day at Hakone which I particularly liked when I was accompanied by as Initial D puts it “The White Devil of Hakone” aka fog. Damp and foggy is actually my favourite weather. I find it very calming and zen.

There was a pleasant cool breeze blowing causing the fog to roll across the top of the mountain which further to the atmosphere.

Not to mention the cooling effect this would have on intake air and the increase in air  density from this natural ‘water injection’.

The seal on the fuel filler cap was getting quite loose so ordered a new one. Along with the small rubber bump stops for the fuel flap which were hard and cracked.

Old vs new. The original cap on the left. The small subtle differences were interesting, namely the presence of “Nissan” name on the  older cap.

After the fuel flap bump stops were refreshed the fuel flap closes with a noticeably reassuring clunk :). It’s the small things in life.

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