What do the F40 and the BCNR33 have in common?

These two cars are born under very different ethea. Not to mention they served different purposes.

Among these differences lies one detail they have in common…

A rear wing logo on one side.

This detail was shared by both cars. Perhaps the designer/s of the BCNR33 used the F40 as inspiration?

Most of us were quite surprised when we first realised that both these cars have this logo only on one side. The Ferrari on the right side and the Nissan on the left.

The reason behind this was shared by both designers. It was so that it is visible when the car is in the passing lane. Which is the right lane in Japan and Left lane in Italy.

I thought this was quite an interesting fun fact that I should share.

A fact which popped up in my head after I had installed the Nismo wing blade. The side “GT-R” logo is quite a Defining feature of the BCNR33 which I felt my car should have to show as well.

My car does have it’s original end plates underneath the period “Nismo” badging.

Nismo has since stopped producing these and therefore are not so easy to come by. Despite this however I felt a GTR needed it’s side badge.

However given my wheel choice I felt it needed to retain some black accents higher up the body. So instead of returning it to the standard end plate underneath I ordered the “GT-R” logo end plate badges currently still on sale from Nismo (Part no: 99993-RN595). These are the same badges first introduced on the Skyline GTR LM Limited in 1996.

After removing the end plate from the wing I set about carefully removing the badge as it was a now rare piece for safe keeping.

Something surprising I found (and the reason for the relatively high cost) was that these badges old and new actually have a real layer of carbon fiber inside! This also lends to their durability and makes it possible for them to be reused.

Making sure to carefully remove any adhesive residue left on the end plate and then wiping down with alcohol here is the comparison between the two left had side badges.

Now this is where I thought I’d add my own personal twist. I do like the period “Nismo” badge as well so while restoring the left hand side “GT-R” logo I thought why not have both! So I have the right side as is with it’s exisiting vintage “Nismo” badge. As that side from factory is a blank plate I thought the contrast between left and right would be a nice touch.

Little details..

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