Tatsumi Times Aug 2020

Seeing as I frequent Tatsumi PA, I thought I’d make this a ongoing feature of this blog. So here is a mid-year compilation of various turnouts at our favourite impromptu cars and coffee location in Tokyo.

Here at Grand Touring of course the name of the game is Skylines and GTRs. However we love all makes and models so This feature will be a “coffee break” (pun intended) from regular programming. So sit back with your favourite beverage or two and let’s take some time to appreciate Skylines, GTRs and more.

One night a few weeks back after picking up my car from the workshop there was this interesting trio of a Camaro, DB9 and Racing Green 86.

There was quite a USDM turnout that night. American V8s never get old.

A quick cut to Autobacs where I found a rare BMW 2002 in a very beautiful spec.

Back to Tatsumi with old and new 911s.

A collection of Porsches including the new 918 GT4. However the star of the show was the rare BMW 1M. As Jeremy Clarkson in his Top Gear days said it really is a Boxing Day turkey sandwich of the car world.

The final recent day at Tatsumi started with me arriving and doing a double take at this 350Z Nismo thinking it was Ale’s however it was a 380RS variant so wasn’t him.

This was an interesting duo which turned up. A first gen GTR Nismo and a very rare TVR Sagaris.

Despite the absence of Ale there was plenty of other Italians around. The manual 355 was a very nice track spec.

As well as a very rare Gallardo Supertrofeo. The closest you could get to the ome make cup racing series Gallardo for street use. Love the subtle red accents on white spec of this one as well.

Japan where there is a lot less pretention. A WRX STI can be find casually parked next to a Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Flat 12 beauty… 512 Testarossa.

Another “pedestrian car” which is rarer than most super sports cars here. Civic Type R EP3.

Then it was time for some sixes that were not Porsches. Take your pick!

The Katsura Orange EBG and White QM1 really set each other off well.

More GTRs! Father, Son and Grandson.

Updated LED headlights on their gen 1 R35 were a nice touch.

She’s looking good with her “GTR” badge. Completes the side profile of the car.

Little bits and bobs

A guilty pleasure all us car guys and gals would bw guilty of..

Picked up the latest copy of GTR Magazine and what was for me the greatest movie of 2019, Ford vs Ferrari. If you habe been living under a rock and haven’t seen this yet I highly recommend you check it out!

Lastly the other day I happened to be passing by Nissan Global Headquarters and have been eyeing the MY20 R35 Wangan Blue diecast. I need to stop torturing my wallet…Hopefully one day a second car?

Thank you if you stuck around till the end. I’ll put up these periodically so looking forward to the next few Tatsumi visits.

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