My Z story

As by now it is well known the reveal of the Z Proto concept has be met with much elation by all.

Well overdue for a visit I headed over to the Nissan Pavilion 2 weekends ago. An event area currently just a block South of Nissan’s Global Headquarters.

Speaking of which before heading over to the Pavilion There was a Z car display on at the Global HQ Gallery.

The full timeline. From S30 (240Z) to Z34 (370Z).

This very factory fresh 1st generation Z33 reminded me how stunning it’s design was when it first came to market. For me my introduction to this car was via Need for Speed: Underground 2.

Speaking of which I found the motorshow Z33 concept car.

Very period is the best way to summerise this concept.

Alongside was this strange car which I also had ever laid eyes on.

It turned out that this is the development mule for the Z33! Based on a heavily modified S14 platform with a front-mid mounted KA24DE engine tuned to 200hp. Who’d have known!

next to this there was this beautiful green S30 (240Z).

This is how I would have my Z car sports car.

The Pavilion

A good turnout

The Nissan Pavilion is like A circus tent so os not a permanent fixture and will end next month it seems.

Incentive to get a Leaf.

I am liking the new Nissan logo. Very fresh and…period.

These kids in the line in front of me were also here and excited to see the Z Proto. Happy to hear kids haven’t forgotten the sports car :).

The outdoor area was very beautifully executed with various cars on display as well as working Arya rides that people could hop into for a short loop around the perimeter for the Pavilion.

A hint for Arya tech transfer for the upcoming GTR. The e-4ORCE 4WD system.

Inside the main event hall for the Arya as well as showcases for Nissan’s upcoming EV tech and….

Hello, beautiful…

Now let’s back up for a second. At this moment this rear end retrieved a long lost childhood memory from back in 1995.

In one of my very first posts some of you may remember my first RC car was a blue TOMY Skyline GTR R32. However there was a second toy car my aunt bought be which along with the Skyline survived.

This is it. The exact model of ChoroQ 300ZX toy car. I went onto Yahoo Auction immediately after visiting Nissan Pavilion to try and find the exact 1995 toy I once owned.

It was this rear end, these tail lights which had previously been etched into my memory and only now resurfaced.

Now this is how you do proper marketing! (Dunlop branding on tyres)

This is definitely a sign.

The rear end of this concept really brings back memories.

If you can’t tell already I am in love. The yellow was also a lovely throw back and nod the the past Z.

The katana blade inspired side detail also is one of my favourite styling details on the car.

As is the S30Z inspired headlights. The LED strip design was inspired from what happened when the design team replaced an S30s headlight lense with a clear one, this was the pattern that formed.

I’m not even going to complain about the tachometer cluster being digital. Perhaps though alittle less butons on the steering wheel would not go amiss.

Overall though I can’t wait for this car to finally be born!

I am excited to see what e-4ORCE technology will bring to the table.

Arya is gonna be sweet

Best looking car on the Formular-E grid?

It’s really is true the importance of exposure during ones childhood and how it shapes ones future. Passion is one thing I find most sorely lacking in many people these days. We must not forget that often this is instilled during our ones early years.

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