Boot, windows and mirrors

My car has been in and out of the workshop a fair bit recently. Following some consultation on my last visit when I picked up my car after fitting my Ohlins.

The power window action had bother me for a number of years now as they are getting jerky and made a slight clunky sound. In addition the drivers side wing mirror folding action has been non responsive for a number of years ago.

It was time to get those looked at.

So time for a trip to Best R. While I was waiting a older gentleman was picking up his Skyline at the Nissan dealership next door. Sports cars are really becoming a rare sight these days here.

Boot dampers

The bonnet dampers have been shot on my car since I got her however with the Nissan parts out of production and stock for some years now I have be cautious on taking up aftermarket solutions.

Many aftermarket solutions required either modification of the bolt points or removal of the brake light cable holder rail. I was seeking a solution which was as close to OEM fitment as possible with zero modification required, a straight bolt on.

Follow many months of indepth research and read ups of various reviews I found the solution sold by Midori Seibi, a famed GTR service workshop who’s founder has an extensive career before starting his own shop at Nissan dealerships offered a direct bolt-on solution with zero drilling or modification to the exisiting boot and body.

They have recently posted recently on their blog on their boot damper kit install.

As shown in the closeups of the damper unit is German in origin. Stabilus is a German OEM manufacturer and supplier for marques such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

It so happens that one of their model of boot dampers fits the boot of Skylines which is interesting.

The kit also came with a mounting bracket which matches up with the OEM bolt points on the lid.

The action is not 100% like the factory ones but is as close as one can get. As they wear in they should soften up abit as they were quite stiff from new.

Windows and mirrors

For the windows and mirrors Best-R’s Konishi-san did a blog post on the work so I’ll let him do most of the talking.

Here is the post on the window mechanism refresh:
The following photos wil be courtesy of Best-R.

As you can see it was time the power window guide rails were replaced.

I would like to take this chance to encourage all of you out there to keep up with regular maintenance with these and other parts on an around the car. Rubber body molding, seals and other exterior parts while many even after 20+ years if sheltered out of the sun and rain, for the most part “are still good”.

However if we all do this when something does tear of break eventually there will be no replacements for us. I cannot stress enough the fact that it is up to us to keep these CRUCIAL parts in production. A number of NEW Nismo Heritage Parts have already been discontinued due to low demand.

Many of us in this 90s car hobby for one reason or another still with this era of cars and slag off current generations of cars. However many also are neglecting the very cars we covert so much.

I have a question for you all. What do you actually care about in life?

If we do not buy these parts to refresh our cars we apparently love so much what we are actually saying to the market is we don’t want any cars be it old or new!

OK rant over. Back to regular programming. (I’ll be back again soon)

After picking up I also took this time to change out the the boot rear scuff plate? As can been seen in the previous pictures.

So with the boot able to hold its own now and mirrors working and windows moving smoothly. Car inches a few millimetres closer to being complete and refreshed. Still a long way to go but I pledge to keep on trucking with taking care of this beauty.

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