The Prince and Skyline Museum – Part I: An Introduction

The other month Ale and I had the same idea to head up to Nagano to visit the Prince & Skyline Museum.

In 1996 in the very location (〒394-0055 Nagano, Okaya, Uchiyama, 字内山4769−14) at Yamabiko Park the annual Vintage Car Meeting.

Skyline owners requested that this would be perfect place for Japan’s first automotive museum dedicated to a single model.

In April 1997 the father of the first GTR, Shinichiro Sakurai was appointed Museum Director. 

Then in April 1997 The Prince & Skyline Museum was opened at the top of the hill of Yamabiko Park with a very fitting skyline view of the town, lake below and surrounding hills up in Nagano.

Let’s take a dive inside…

In Part II we head down the stairs into the main hall of the museum.

Tune in next time…

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