The Prince and Skyline Museum – Part III: Genesis

As this is the Skyline Museum every model is represented.

Beginning with the first generation of Skyline. Released to the public in April 1957 and developed by Ryoichi Nakagawa of the dissolved Nakajima Aircraft Company, father of the Zero Fighter’s engine.

The first Prince Skyline, ALS/BLS series.

They have a very special and rarest of the first gen models here at the museum. The ALVG Prince Skyway, a Skyline estate. The Skyway specifically had a 1.5 litre inline 4 cylinder engine.

In later models came a larger displacement 1.9 litre inline 4. Production ceased in 1963 with the launch of the second generation.

The S50/S54 series, or Second generation debuted in 1963 as the average working man became able to afford a car. The second generation Skyline very much fit into this market segment and was the working man’s saloon.

The boys at Prince shoehorned the larger L series G7 straight 6 SOHC engine from the larger Gloria sedan for their first Motorsport competitive Skyline. This also marked the start of the six cylinder Skylines.

A nice green indeed

The third generation saw the acquisition of Prince into Nissan with the Prince team carrying on just under the Nissan umbrella.

Then in 1969 the first Skyline GTR, the PGC10 (this is still part of the second generation of Skyline).

The Prince S20 DOHC 2 litre straight 6 was essentially a revised version of the engine in the aforementioned Prince R380.

The windscreen sticker commemorating the 50 victories of 50 races entered by the 1st generation GTR.
To extend
The first GTRs transmission.
The period stickers really take you back.

So concludes the first chapter of the Skylines history. Born of Prince, then continued under Nissan.

Tune in next time for the interim years of the Skyline.

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