The Prince and Skyline Museum – Part IV: The Interim Years

Apologises for the 2 month or so hiatus. I was taking a short break from the car world and indulging in another on of my hobbies of getting back into PC gaming again.

The interrim years characterised by the hiatus of the GTR left fans eagerly waiting upon each model hoping that this model line will be the one where the GTR would return.

It is for this reason that this period in the Skylines history is one that is very much forgotten by all but the models most loyal fans.

While it was the 1970s oil crisis which put an end to the Kenmeri GTR. The period following also saw a drastic shift in classic Skyline design which had arguably defined the look of Skylines until then.

The era following the Kenmeri era saw designs which many argued were no longer a Skyline.

One of  the little know known facts of this period was it saw the end of Skylines with either square or round tail lights.

The round tail lights were introduced in the Kenmeri model then in the models following the Kenmeri the Skyline featured both square and round tail lights.

The less famous FJ20DET 4 cylinder of the R30 Skyline. This was the first Turbocharger production car engine.

A trend in many Japanese automotive manufacturers tends to be that each designer follows very little from their predecessor leading to drastic design changes. Which is why each model of Skyline from a visual perspective has very little in common to it predecessor and successor. 

The square and round headlights lasted until the R31 Skyline. The reason for these two types of tail lights was to reflect engine designation.

The square were to denote 4 cylinder models and the round tail lights were reserved for 6 cylinder models.

Here we find the Skyline GTSR. A lesser known compared to the GTRs but a model from which learnings were taken and used as a techonology test bed for the Skyline GTR BNR32.
The coverted RB20DET-R. A comologation special exclusive to the GTSR Skyline.
Unlike the non homologation road car models on which the chin spoiler was electronically retractable. The one on the GTSR was fixed and enlarged. (note here this example was speced with the optional fog lights which were also carried over to the R32.

New up we enter the all famous Project 901 era of the end of the 80s which brought the Skyline up to par or exceeding their European rivals.

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