Nissan heritage feat. Skyline GTR

Mid Aug 2020 Nissan released a TV ad here in Japan which I feel is worth a mention as it is definitely containing some feels. Oh and the Skyline GTR of course!

One of the most emotional TV ads by any Automotive manufacturer. You can think of it as a The headline quote roughly translates to “There was never a flat, level road, You tripped and stubbled many times. Despite that you didn’t run away, you never gave up! Most of all you have loved cars more than anyone.”

The actor, Takuya Kimura in this is the Japanese equivalent of Keanu Reeves or Donnie Yen perhaps. Being well known and a car enthusiast himself explains Nissan’s decision I guess.

A month or two after this ad was released they also the very cars in the ad at Nissan Global Headquarters. For a Nissan fan this was a pretty cool moment which I thought I’d share here.

Sit back and enjoy..

The iconic body crease which used to be a defining feature of the Skyline as well as the badge differentiation between the Z and Skyline was a feature I sorely miss from modern say equivalents.

It’s all about the little details… The Nissan “N” and how it works so well with the “GT-R” logo here. On another note what do you guys think about a BCNR33 with this GT-R logo?

When the interior suggested nothing of the car being a homologation special to the uninitiated.

such period goodness!

Film star lineup

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