Akagi Tour

It has been a while since I last went on a tour and last month Ale and his friend and I decided to go for a tour to Mt. Akagi, Gunma. Yes this is the mountain after which the WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Akagi was also named after.

More importantly though the iconic Initial D home of the Akagi Redsuns. Long time readers of this blog will know this location I have been to before but a first time for both Ale and his friend.

The first meeting place was Tatsumi PA then as Ale’s friend lived in Northern Tokyo we would meet him at a northern PA following.

A current model R35 Engineered by Nismo edition while I waited whose owner was also out for a morning drive. The Engineered by Nismo (Track Edition in other markets) is a special version of the R35 which shares the same body in white as the GTR Nismo.

After our pitspot to meet up with Ale’s friend JC it was off to the Gunma.

The strato volcano that is Mt. Akagi is not huge relatively however still has a significant footprint. Home of the Akagi Redsuns and Takahashi brothers.

After a slightly confusing drive up to the crater lake (Lake Onuma) volcano that is Mt. Akina. We all eventually arrived.

And then there were three. JC an avid car enthusiast owns a very tastfully setup Lexus ISF. His current setup includes BC coilovers, catback exhaust on the just recently released Bridgestone Potenza RE71RS tyres. In addition the car has just had all subframe and suspension bushings refreshed. I always had a soft spot for the ISF not to mention F cars in general.

First thing’s first, time for some local brunch. A local special of Akagi soba. The blend of local ingredients and a miso-based broth was delightful especially by the banks of lake Onuma.

In the centre of Mt. Akagi’s crater lake there is a spit of land on which sits the Akagi Shrine.

Certainly a pilgrimage for any driving/car lovers.

A must get is a amulet blest by the Shine for road safety from Akagi.

Following lunch we decided to venture further north to see what we’d find as the roads looked good on Google maps to a randomly designated Japan Post way point.

The road there was not bad the traffic less so.

Once we arrived at the post office and were thinking where to next.

I happened upon Fukiware Falls, water falls which looked pretty substantial and it was only 14 minutes away.

This stretch to the falls turned out to be the next surprise.

It was like a minature version of the Col De Torini in the mountains above Monte Carlo in the south of France, featured in classic Top Gear.

The tunnels made a theatre of our V6, i6 and V8 symphony.

To top it off there was no admittance or parking fees!

I don’t think I need to add anything here.

There was also a mini hiking trail skirting the river.

After having a short breather at the souvenir store with locally made and sourced apple juice and ice-cream which I recommend you try upon visiting.

So to not catch traffic we headed back to Tokyo and so concluded our Akagi tour. Days like these really serve as a great disconnect from the hustles during the weeks gone by. Unplugs are certainly necessary.


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